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I Ifound the store in the Traders Guide and gave them a call I was impressed with the friendliness of the man
who answered the phone who identified himself as Dick Yon.  I took a ride from Johnstown to see him I got lost
and called Dick for help several times he guide me in with out a problem.  Once there I was greeted immediately
upon entering the store.  Dick took his time to show me many guns I was looking for, I ended up buying a gun
from him due a lot to his excellent customer service.  I plan to return to have some gunsmith work done I will let
you know how it goes.  Would definitely do business with him again.  Thanks Dick         Jeff

I bought my Yugo SKS from this shop a few weeks ago and I just wanted to let everyone know how impressed I
was with the service that I got. I wasn't there for very long (just long enough for the background check and
purchase), but it seemed like a really nice shop and had a nice "mom 'n pop" kind of feel to it. The owner was
extremely nice and helpful. They also have a pretty large collection of firearms for such a homely-looking shop.
Oh, one more thing: they had really competitive prices, and seemed to be willing to match or beat other shop's

I would definitely go back there for future purchases

Riggle's Gap is a good shop, +1 to everything you said above. The service I received was top notch the prices
were fair and the service was great.
PHONE: 814-946-9044